art program

The subject of the art program is Synergy. The word synergy comes from the Greek sun "together" and ergon "work": when one element magnifies the effect of the other, they have synergy together. With our programming we want to offer the visitor a unique sensory experience and contribute to quality of life and social cohesion in Amsterdam.


The participating artists show performances or installations that are being made or already exist and that fit perfectly with the location and environment of the festival. The following selection criteria are used for this:

1. Performances or installations that deal with the concept of synergy;
2. Interactive performances or works that create synergy between the visitor and the artwork;
3. Site-specific performances or works that connect with the environment of the NDSM werf.

In our programming we strive for a balance between the international character of the art program on the one hand and cooperation with local initiatives on the other. We want to bring advanced artists into contact with local talents and we want to offer an interdisciplinary program.


Visitors can access the event in the following ways:
● Children up to 12 years old get free entrance
● Refugees get free access
● Visitors with an Amsterdam city pass have free entry. The city pass is for low-income residents of Amsterdam;
● We are going to put flyers in the bus of residents around the NDSM wharf. With these flyers visitors get free access to the festival;
● For visitors with a student pass we ask 5 euros entrance;
● For other visitors we use 10 euros entrance. We also see this as an accessible rate for the other target groups
● The event is wheelchair friendly.

synergy art festival

july 29th from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
presented by no art & stichting synergy

Synergy is an open-air exhibition, organized by the Synergy Foundation in collaboration with music label No Art, in which more than eighteen young talented contemporary visual artists and art collectives from Amsterdam-North and surroundings participate. Synergy will take place on July 29 at the ‘NDSM-Werf’ in Amsterdam North from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The art that can be seen during Synergy will remain for the visitors of the No Art festival, an electronic music festival that will take place a day later on July 30th, at the same location.

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